Darine holds an MFA degree from CalArts in Film Directing.She is the Channel Manager of Fatafeat TV. She has directed/produced more than 500 hours of TV programming. Many of these were original concepts developed by her.

Directed a mid-length feature Film Houdoud Al Zaman that screened at the Monaco Film Festival, Nee a Beyrouth, a special screening at the Qatar Foundation, special screening with the Lebanese Embassy (UAE) to collect donation to help the injured of 2006 the Lebanese war.

She was the supporting actor in India Spiceland, a short Film directed by Rahul Das and she has acted in several independent plays in LA.

Recently, she wrote and presented My World to You a personal journey travel series interpreting the culture, people and foods of Thailand.



Graduated in 2002 with a major in Acting & Directing from the fine Arts institute of the Lebanese university then in 2003 with a major in civil engineering from the school of engineering in the Lebanese university, Nicolas Mouawad started his tv career as a tv host for the daily live tv show “Rotana Cafe” (2003-2009) on Rotana tv.

Mouawad has been working as a freelance tv director mostly between Beirut and Dubai. He has worked with Dubai tv, Fatafeat tv, MTV Lebanon & Rotana tv.

As an actor, he has done lots of stage work with some of the best names in the field including “Nidal el Achkar” and “Michel Jabre” from Lebanon, and “Marco Baliani” from Italy.

On screen, his debut role was the lead role in Marwan Najjar’s tv series “helm Adar” (the dream of march) in March 2006. He then starred in numerous lebanese tv series including “Al Taghiya”, “forsa”, “mouftaraq tariq”, “Ila yara”, “al hobb al kadim” and tv movies including “Olga” and “Beast & the Beauty”.

He was then offered the role of “Ziad”, one of the four male lead roles in MBC 4 s first pan arab tv series (04).

On the big screen, “Love s improvisations” is his third experience after “bloody olives” by Hussein Jami in 2004 and “33 days” by Jamal Shurjeh in 2012.



Born and raised in Singapore, Carol Ho is the co-founder of Mahjong Pictures, an independent film production company based in Los Angeles.She has been an editor on a wide array of projects, spanning feature films, documentaries and film marketing content.

One of her most signaficant projects is Not Here, a short fil that se directed and edited. It screened at the Montreal World Film Festival 2009, among other major film festivals.

Carol was editing advisor on the feature documentary directed by Lin Li, entitled Three-Five People, which won the FIRPRESCI Prize at the 2003 yamagata International Documentary Festival.

Carol also produced a short documentary on global ocean conservation called Oceana, in which she directed Emmy Award winning actor, Ted Danson who performed the voice-over.

Carol currently works as a post supervisor in the Hollywood film marketing industry and oversees the post-production completion of film-marketing campaigns. Her most recent projects include The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network and Inside Job.



Ihab Radwan was born in Cairo. He began learning the violin and the oud (Oriental lute) at the age of five, then went on to study at the Egyptian National Academy of Music.Ihab’s new approach to oud playing Arabic music in general open the doors to meditation and deep self-reflection.

Ihab’s music and thoughts got it sources from a very old Egyptian and Arabic melodies, interpreted in a contemporary way. His original compositions include musical features from rural parts of Northern Egypt to Nubia, in the South, at the border between Egypt and Black Africa.

He developed an Oriental approach to pentatonic scales such as are used in African music and the blues.

He performs as multi-instrumentalist with the company “Lutherie Urbaine” in Paris. He was also associated with the ensemble Sharkiat Fathy Salama (Grammy prize 2005 world music), in various concerts at the Cairo opera house, and El Qalaa and Alexandria festivals.

He composed and played with the Tunisian singer Amina Annabi. Ihab is artistic director and oud player of Egyptian Mozart (Mozart l’Egyptien) of which a million recordings were sold in France and the world.